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Recruiting talents

  • Controller of industrial funds

    Roles and responsibilities:

    1、Seeking potential investment projects, to carry out assessment and screening for investment projects independently.

    2、Conducting due diligence for proposed investment projects and prepare DD reports, investment proposals and related documents for term sheet. Prepare documents for investment evaluation and approval.

    3、Leading the investment transaction process and complete the investment execution and management, including the drafting of investment approval documents, preparing investment agreement, contract signing and investment implementation

    4、Tracking the project progress and conduct post-investment management.


    1、Master’s degree or above in finance, economics, accounting or related subjects;

    2、 5 years or more work experience in investment with certain focused areas such as industrial funds, and some investment implementation experience;

    3、Experience in government collaboration projects preferred;

    4、Familiar with laws and regulations, and state industrial policies;

    5、Familiar with the preparation of business proposals, due diligence reports, investment documents etc.

    6、Strong communication skills and writing skills.

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  • General Manager of industrial funds

    Roles and responsibilities:

    1、Developing investment and M&A strategy based on company development strategy, and establishing the investment and M&A management system and related process policy;

    2、Assisting the searching, screening, evaluation and reserving of projects and businesses that are in line with the company scope for investment, M&A, strategic collaboration and capital market;

    3、Assisting in preparing investment and M&A project plans and operation scheme, providing evidence for decision making, participating in project execution;

    4、Assisting in project management including market and industry research, due diligence, transaction structure design, financial modelling and term sheet negotiation regarding the investment and M&A;

    5、Assisting the tracking management of investment and M&A projects including assessment, monitoring and control, optimisation etc.;

    6、Assisting in establishing and maintaining the good relationship with government, industry, investment partners as well as other partners, potential customers etc.;

    7、Other related jobs delegated by the leadership.


    1、Master’s degree or above in finance, accounting, economics, investing, management, energy or related subjects;

    2、Over 10 years of related work experience, with well-known investment banks, funds, investment organisations or energy companies, related well-known companies preferred;

    3、Familiar with related industrial, investment and M&A related policies, laws and regulations, also having good knowledge in investment and M&A related business processes;

    4、Excellent ability in accounting and investment analysis, with good understanding of the development trend of the industry. Significant project resources and business negotiation experience;

    5、Strong judgement and decision-making ability, communication and coordination ability, and organisation and learning ability with strong awareness of risks. Able to bear the stress from work. Good ethics and professional manners.

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  • Investment banking

    Roles and responsibilities:

    1、Organising the research, project setting, feasibility testing, risk assessment, early warning mechanism of investment projects, to select projects with investment potentials and profitability for the company;

    2、Responsible for the implementation of various investment banking businesses including IPO issuance, M&A and restructuring, financial consulting etc.;

    3、Responsible for pre-planning of projects, design feasibility study, due diligence, detailed implementation etc.;

    4、Collecting and summarising real time project status, analysing and forecasting data, timely report project status to in-charge leaders, and preparing monthly, quarterly and annual project management reports.


    1、Bachelor’s degree (from 211 or 985 institutions) or higher in accounting, economics, law, management, finance etc.

    2、With over 3 years work experience in listed companies (or companies to be listed), investment banks or equity investment funds. Those with Sponsor Representative qualification preferred;

    3、Able to think systematically, solid writing skills, and good at data analysis and report writing;

    4、Know-how in investment management, rules and practices, as well as related knowledge in economic analysis, investment, accounting, laws etc.;

    5、Under 40 years of age, familiar with the entire process of the investment projects, and has at least complete experience (pre-investment, post-investment and exit) in two IPO projects (or overseas projects)

    6、Experience in participating in the overall planning of IPOs (including but not limited to A shares, HK stocks, US stocks), including but not limited to accounting and auditing, compliance, overseas red chip restructuring, stock issuance etc.

    7、Strong judgement and decision-making ability, communication and coordination ability, and team management ability with strong awareness of risks. Able to bear the stress from work. Good ethics and professional manners.

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