Innovative construction

An integrated layout “combining industry and finance”


  • Green Industry Fund

    ·  With Green energy resource and related industry as a solid footing, we keep the circular economy, low carbon economy and green economy in mind.

  • Cultural Industry Fund

    ·  Keep up with country’s requirement of “Speeding up the cultural industry and revitalizing development planning”. Focus on cultural creativity, digital publishing, mobile multimedia, movie and other cultural industry frontiers. Support the improvement of the quality of cultural consumption.

  • Medical and Healthcare Industry Fund

    ·  With the aging trend going worse, the demand for Medical & Healthcare have become increasingly prominent. Keep focusing on old-age care, medical treatment and Comprehensive Health. Share the opportunity of great development of Medical Industry in China.

  • Science and Creativity Fund

    ·   Co-operation with international capitals. Focus and ensure compliance with country’s industrial policy. With high technical content, great creativity, clarity on Intellectual Property, our advanced energy resource technology research and development of new projects or enterprise in the field of production or service are taking the lead nationwide.

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