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Green Financial Holding Group

GCL Finance (Group) Holdings Limited 

GCL Finance (Group) Holdings Limited (‘GCL Financial Holding’) has its headquarter based in Shanghai Lujiazui World Financial Centre. It is a specialised holding company in green finance under the GCL Group.

GCL Group’s strategic arrangement is to have ‘specialised finance and specialised industry’ as two wings, while finance is the key to enable GCL’s business transformation from energy and manufacturing to industrial services. GCL Financial Holding is following the development strategy of the nation to promote green finance, to enable GCL Group’s transformation with an integrated model of combining industry and finance. By leveraging financial connections and capital platforms, it aims at achieving industrial synergy and finance supported industrial development. It uses its industrial strength to support the development of green industry and the green transformation of traditional industries, contributing to the sustainable development of the society.