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Paying tribute to the glory of 95 years ☆ The CPC Party Branch of GCL Financial Holding (Shanghai) was officially set up on 1st July

As a leading company in New Energy in the world, and one of the largest non-state owned energy company in China, GCL Group has shown great focus on the Party construction since the very beginning.   Among its subsidiaries, large companies including Zhongneng Silicon Industry, Taicang Power Plant etc. all have strong Party presence with multiple awards from the municipal Party Committee, which enables strong roots in authority and innovation in company development. Zhu Gongshan, Chairman of GCL Group repeatedly says that the 26 years of GCL development would not be possible without the guidance from the correct hand, right policy and directions from the Party or the care, support and assistance from various levels of Party Committees and governments. Therefore, we have been, and will always be following the Party's callings and directions.


In April this year, GCL Group made an official announcement requiring all subsidiaries to set up grass-root organisations of the Party, in order to provide political safeguard and organisation safeguard for the development of the company. Under the order of the Group, the newly established GCL Financial Holding (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. also prepared a special team to set up the Party Branch, actively connecting to the Comprehensive Party Committee of the Financial Trading Zone of Lujiazui.  Under the guidance of the latter, the team quickly completed the initial work of mobilisation and collection of Party member details, and officially submitted the application for setting up a Party Branch on 6th June.


After investigation, the Comprehensive Party Committee of the Financial Trading Zone of Lujiazui officially approved the application of the GCL Financial Holding (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to set up a CPC Branch, and to conduct related elections according to the Party Constitution. Under the guidance of the Comprehensive Party Committee, the preparation team started working in good order, and successfully held the founding meeting and the first party member plenary on 1st July, CPC founding day. The election of the first Branch Committee was conducted strictly according to the ‘Provisional Regulations of Election of the Communist Party of China Grass-root Organizations’, with Fei Zhong, Wang Hong and Lu Sijing elected, and Fei Zhong was later elected as the secretary of the Branch in the first Branch Committee meeting.


Fei Zhong expressed his gratitude to the trust from all fellow Party members. He said that the grass-root Party construction work has been a tradition of GCL.  The achievements of GCL Group have always been under the guidance of Party policies, with the support from all levels of Party organisations.  Chairman Zhu Gongshan once commented on this matter - ‘The Party organisations have been the driving force of the development of companies, a magnetic field attracting people, the core of advanced culture, the sword against corruption and the safeguard of harmony.’ He said that the Branch Committee will be under the leadership of the Comprehensive Party Committee and the GCL Group Party Committee, combining the study of ‘two learning and one action’ together with the innovation of the Group and the development of GCL Financial Holding, to encourage Party Members to take the lead, to improve the unity, morale, creativity of the Branch, and achieve the expectations from the Comprehensive Party Committee and Group Party Committee.


Later, all the participating Party Members studied the important talk by Secretary Xi Jinping on the 95th Anniversary Celebration of the Founding of CPC.  He reviewed the history of the Party during its founding, striving and developing stages.  Looking back on the past achievements and remembering the founding fathers enables stronger faith in the ‘initial fervency’, and ambitious target of reviving the Chinese nation and achieving the Chinese Dream.