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The Party Branch at GCL Financial Holding organised a special seminar under the topic of ‘two learning and one action’

The study and education of ‘two studies and one action’ is a response to the requirement of implementing the Party Constitution on strengthening the education and management of party members.  It is also an important practice for the entire party to deepen the internal education efforts within the Party.  The important initiative is to extend the internal education from ‘a few key members’ to the mass members, from centralised efforts to a regular education model.  It is an important movement to reinforce the ideological and political construction of the Party. In the afternoon of 4th August, the Party Branch of GCL Financial Holding held a special seminar of ‘Two Leanings and One Action’ in order to implement the important series of talks made by General Secretary Xi Jinping.  There was a historic documentary shown to the members named ‘Dream making in China’. The session was hosted by Fei Zhong, Secretary of the Branch, and attended by the entire Party members of GCL Financial Holding.  There was a sharing and idea exchange afterwards.


Fei Zhong, Secretary of the Branch, firstly passed on the thought of the document The Education Scheme Regarding the Study of Party Constitution and Rules, Series of Talks and Qualified Party Members Among All Party Members, with clarified purposes, methods and requirements to implement. He pointed out that it is important to have strict requirements in implementing the ‘Two Studies and One Action’ efforts, in order to follow the Party Constitution and observe Party Rules.  We should adopt the ‘Three Strictness and Three Concreteness’ principles to strengthen political awareness, overall understanding, core spirit and alignment, with a responsible and willing to give attitude.


 The fundamental basis of Two Studies and One Action is learning, but the key is on action.  It is important to combine the two and unify the learning with actions. During the session, the participating party members studied the booklet of Important Talks by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and watched a historic documentary named ‘Dream making in China’.  It helped everyone to have a stronger belief and confidence in the Socialism with Chinese Characteristics.  Based on the in-depth study on the talks by General Secretary Xi Jinping, it is crucial to improve Party Spirit and self-learning during spare time, striving to be a faithful, disciplined, ethical and active excellent Party Member.


At the end of the session, Fei Zhong summarised by saying that achieving the China Dream is an important role of every company, and stressed that everybody is the participant and developer of the China Dream.  He encouraged each Party Member to use actions in their jobs to contribute to the China Dream and the GCL Dream.


(Source: CPC Party Branch of GCL Financial Holding)