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Review the revolutionary CPC party memories and regain the strength to move forward

—— The Party Branch at GCL Financial Holding visited the site of First National Congress of CPC and the Shanghai Museum of Finance.

95 years ago on 23rd July the First National Congress of CPC was held at No. 3 Shu De Li in the once French Concession of Shanghai. It marked the birth of Chinese Communist Party, hence changing the direction of the Chinese Nation afterwards. To celebrate the birth of our Party, and trace the first memories of the revolution, all members of the Party Branch of GCL Financial Holding visited the site of the First National Congress of CPC and the Shanghai Museum of Finance, to refresh the knowledge of the glorious past, and to be touched by the revolutionary spirit of faith and strong ideological belief.


To celebrate the birth of CPC, the Museum of First National Congress of CPC went through a total refurbishment for over 5 months during the first half of this year. The Party Branch of GCL Financial Holding were among the first visitors since the museum reopened. The entire exhibition includes five parts - ‘Prelude: Starting Point’, ‘Striving to Survive’, ‘Opportunity Risen to Form the Party’, ‘New Heaven and Earth’, ‘Finale: Dream Chasing’. Among the 278 exhibits, there are 20+ class A National Heritage items. Some of the precious historic archives regarding the early history of CPC that were recently recovered from Russia and the U.S. were among the exhibits too. The multi-media display in the museum reproduced the historic scene using modern lighting and sound technology, offering an intriguing experience of learning about CPC history. The Party members who visited the museum commented that the exhibition was informing and well organised. The presenting methods were interesting and effective in reproducing the scenes of different stages during the establishment of CPC. It was a vivid lesson and we were filled with admiration of our great Party.


The group later also visited the Shanghai Museum of Finance. The visit helped to look back on the history of Chinese financial industry including historical credit institutions, foreign financial institutions operating in modern China, the rising of modern Chinese financial institutions, the financial industry before the Liberation, and the growth of the industry after the founding of People’s Republic of China. The Museum uses abundant collections of historic materials and various presenting methods to illustrate the changing of the financial industry throughout the history in China. It demonstrates the change with strong sense of vicissitudes and upheaval throughout the history.


This visit not only improves our knowledge but also provides an inspiring experience for deeper thoughts. At the end of the day, Party Branch Secretary Fei Zhong summarised with following comments - ‘The Red July, we remember the footpath of our forefathers; looking back on the history of the Party, we chase the great dream for another hundred years of reviving.’ He said that it was a very meaningful activity day. All Party members learned about the greatness of the CPC founding fathers, and the evolution of the financial industry in China over a hundred years. It was a great success for the first event since the establishment of the Party Branch of GCL Financial Holding. Now the Branch will build on this and drive further the movement of ‘two learning and one action’, actively conducting the Party construction efforts to enable harmonious and steady development of the company.