Innovative construction

An integrated layout “combining industry and finance”

Business description

  • Capital operation

    IPO, M&A, overseas asset acquisition, providing capital operation service to listed companies

  • Licensed operations

    Banking, security, insurance, trust, asset management, funds, leasing, and licensed financial service about the industry

  • Industrial investment

    PV, power, new energy, oil & gas, energy storage, logistics, healthcare, car parking



It provides full support to the healthy development of the industries through various financial businesses including financial leasing, asset management, insurance, trust, industrial funds etc., contributing strategic values to Group financing, industrial integration, business transformation, brand upgrading etc.

·  scale up funds by simultaneous efforts on diversified areas

·  strengthen financial leasing around the industrial chain

·  start the insurance business and enter the insurance market

·  embrace internet and build GCL financial holding online platform

·  obtain banking, trust and security licence at chosen time

·  capital operation and integrate Group financial resources

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